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"C*C"...Consulting & Coaching Services (SM)

More Than Consulting; More Than Coaching

Con·sul·tant noun

1: one who consults another
2: one who gives professional advice or services : EXPERT

Coach verb

1: to train intensively (as by instruction and demonstration)
2: to instruct, direct, or prompt

Consultants give advice; they tell you what to do. You may not receive an action plan designed for YOU. Those offering coaching services help professionals come to their own conclusions, with very little customized advice.

"C*C" is the product of combining 30-plus years of knowledge, experience, research, and proven strategies in a package of Consulting AND Coaching Services.

C*C/ Consulting & Coaching Services (SM) provide:

C*C / Consulting & Coaching Services (SM) can be offered as a follow up service to a feature presentation or workshop, as well as a stand-alone service.

"There are times when the motivator
needs motivating. That is when I call
Michael Roby."

Mike is a true motivator and inspiration to me. I am in a leadership position where I am called upon to motivate and inspire others to excel in their professions, but there are times when the motivator needs motivating. That is when I call Mike. He has been a true friend in helping me to stay inspired and motivated in my career.

R. Dan Greenwell, CFP
Regional Director
Money Concepts, Louisville, KY

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