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Recommended Reading for the
Financial Services Sales Industry

Financial services industry motivational speaker, coach, and consultant Michael Roby has assembled a list of highly recommended reading just for you.

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Growing Your Business!
By Mark Le Blanc

This small book is absolutely PRICELESS if you want to grow your business. It will take a short time to read and can be put to work immediately. In addition, every time you pick it up you will find a new gem that make help you make a quantum leap to the next level. Mark is a good friend and mentor that has made a HUGE impact on me, and this book can do so for you as well.



Little Black Book of Connections:
6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships

By Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeff is edgy, sometimes abrasive... but always leading edge. This is an easy read that is fun and helpful as you develop your network. A great companion to his Little Red Book of Selling. (another MUST read!)



Sales Autopsy: 50 Postmortems Reveal What Killed the Sale (and what might have saved it)
By Dan Seidman

Another light read, but you may see yourself in some of these stories about sales calls gone wrong. Great for sales managers; you can use one story per sales meeting about the mistakes salespeople make.



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