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"The Strategist And The Shrink"

Succeed And Lead In These Troubled Economic Times!

"The Strategist & The Shrink" sales and marketing strategists, Michael Roby and Dr. James Rafferty, show you how to grow your business, be a partner to your clients, and earn more profits!

Learn strategies and tactics that deliver immediate business growth and improved levels of service while maintaining your professional ethics and personal sanity...

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"Michael Roby understands how Brokers/Registered Reps think...he has the ability to move you emotionally as well as to motivate you to execute at a higher level."

Michael Roby has demonstrated an uncanny sense of the Financial Services Marketplace. He understands how Brokers/Registered Reps think and his insights into financial product positioning are actionable and valuable. Mike’s communication skills in the education and motivation of sales executives are unparalleled.

He has the ability to move you emotionally as well as to motivate you to execute at a higher level.

Robert T. Cassato
Executive Vice President, Distribution
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

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Motivational speaker Michael Roby is the current President of NSA-Minnesota