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Michael Roby Delivers Bottom-Line Results
For Financial Services Sales Organizations

With over three decades of financial services sales industry experience, Michael Roby has a proven track record for delivering results - as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, consultant, and expert.

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  • Presentations designed to inspire audiences to motivated, intelligent action. Customized to meet the needs of your organization. Interactive. Delivered with passion & energy.
  • Conventions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Associations

Sales Training

  • Practical & Focused
  • Results Oriented
  • Designed to provide immediate results that last

"Michael Roby's insight, energy, and drive to succeed have resulted in high impact results for Bremer."

Mike Roby is an outstanding sale resource for the Bremer organization. Mike has played roles in coaching sales management, improving sales effectiveness, identifying and making referrals, and as a keynote speaker at sales rallies and management meetings. His insight, energy, and drive to succeed have resulted in high impact results for Bremer.

Stan K. Dardis
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bremer Financial Corporation, St. Paul, MN

Business Development Consulting

Business Plan Design:

  • Uses a proven template that is customized for your organization
  • Developed with Top-Down Focus
  • Extended to individual members of your team

Market Segmentation:

  • Identifies specific markets based on the strengths of your organization
  • Collects data and resource to best penetrate those markets
  • Metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Development of practical and profitable Customer Service Standards

Strategic Planning

  • Based on maximizing existing resources
  • Utilizes an organization’s top talent to generate top results
  • Used as a bridge to individual business plan development

Financial Advisory Practice Management Planning

  • Designed for the Financial Advisor who wishes to maximize the profitability of their practice
  • Reviews the critical areas essential for business maximization
  • Implementation Plan included

Business Coach

  • Monthly Coaching for the Sales Professional that is committed to serious business growth and maximization through exceptional client service
  • Based on the needs and resources of the Advisor / Salesperson
  • Used as follow-up to Business Plan Design, Market Segmentation Analysis, or a Financial Advisory Practice Business Plan

"Michael Roby has given me greater appreciation of the words honorable, motivational, inspirational and energetic."

Honorable, motivational, inspirational and energetic – words I have not used lightly in my career. One meeting with Michael Roby and I had an even greater appreciation of those words. Michael has spoken at our National Sales Conference and our Home Office where he brought both tears and laughs as he moved our team.

Mike Jorgensen
US Allianz Securities

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Motivational speaker Michael Roby is the current President of NSA-Minnesota