Financial Services, Speaker and Coach


I’ve known Michael Roby since 1990. I have worked with Michael as both a colleague and a consultant/featured speaker for various broker dealer events. Michael’s first-hand knowledge of the financial services industry and implementable ideas to build one’s practice are top notch. I highly recommend Michael as a coach and keynote speaker.

Andy McFetridge, CRPC

John Hancock Financial Services

I recently worked with Mike when we hired him to come and speak at our 2009 National Sales Meeting. Not only was he a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker during one of our most highly attended sessions, he was very gracious with his time and attention during the conference resource fair where he helped us promote our products and shared valuable insights with many of our top producers. It was a pleasure working with him!

Teri (Elliott) Pullen

Thrivent Financial

When I think of Mike Roby several things come to mind: – An utmost professional. – Someone who goes beyond the brain and gets into your heart. – Great presenter. – Unlimited knowledge of the financial securities industry, especially in working with financial institutions (banks). – Beyond business, he is a good friend and puts other people first.

Jeff Duckworth

Head of Sales, John Hancock Funds

I worked with Mike when I started my latest role at Arthur J Gallagher. Great company, wonderful opportunity, but of the 24,000 employees we have, there wasn’t anyone else at Gallagher that had a similar role. Feeling like I was operating on an island and knowing the importance of talking new ideas/initiatives through with colleagues, I hired Mike. Mike provided me the voice or reason I really needed when starting in my new role. He helped me with sales and marketing strategies as well as gave me a safe place to share concerns and ideas before bringing them up to senior management. Thanks Mike!

Stephen Hoffman

GMS®: AVP: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

I’m annuity wholesaler in the Carolina’s and I work with banks. I met Mike at a regional sales meeting where he was the guest speaker to the largest bank in North Carolina. His ability to connect with my financial advisors, give a great message, simple sales ideas and his background really impressed me. I’ve had the privilege to work with Mike as my coach and friend for over the last year. I grew my territory by 61% and won annuity wholesaler of the year in my division. Mike is a real professional who is passionate about helping financial service professionals and taking their game to the next level. I recommend using Mike to anyone who is looking for the next level in their career.

Zack Lansat, CLTC

Regional Sales Manager at Saybrus Partners

Mike, your closing keynote to an extraordinary day created the perfect moments to remember as participants drove home. You captured the entire day. Thank you!

Rachel McGuire

Events & Education Planner, NAIFA-Minnesota

We just had an opportunity to work with Mike Roby on some sales training for our brokers and he was incredible! We had comments from attendees like, “I could listen to him all day!” and “He gave me tools that I could take back to my office and implement in my practice instantly.” He kept the group engaged and on point all afternoon. What a treat for our team!

Linda Skoglund

J.A. Counter

Michael presented a 2-hour program around negotiation skills to our Business Banking group. Michael had a high-energy style that was well received. The program content and delivery was great. When we surveyed our thirty-three participants, all either agreed or strongly agreed that his program was of great value in their job and in their lives.

Bill McDonough

Market President, Starion Financial

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike on several different occasions. Mike has an innate way of captivating the audience while inspiring them with new ideas to incorporate into their everyday practices. The feedback we have received from Mike’s presentations has been exceptional. I look forward to working with Mike on an ongoing basis.

Amy Rice

BB&T/Scott & Stringfellow

If you are looking for a gifted and passionate speaker who not only entertains, but delivers actionable ideas that drive business, then Mike Roby is your man. If you are a wholesaler looking to take a large meeting to the next level, Mike’s value will get you there.

Bo Barrett

John Hancock

Mike spoke at our United Planners conference and he was extraordinary. Having been in the business for many years I have heard countless speeches on business development but Mike’s was the best. He gave a second motivational speech on “being a hero” which was truly inspirational. Excellent content with a dynamic presentation. Mike is a great speaker.

Craig Watanabe

COO, Penniall & Associates, Inc.

Most of the attendees ranked your presentation as the most valuable part of the entire workshop.

Tammy R. Severt

First Vice President; Davenport & Company LLC

When is a b/d meeting, not just another b/d meeting?  When Mike Roby is in the house!

Mac McGarity, MBA

AXA Distributors

I would highly recommend Michael Roby as a speaker. Michael can inspire, motivate and train a group and is a very dynamic speaker. His credibility in the brokerage/ wealth management business is very high. He has successfully done the job and has a wealth of knowledge of how to build business. He makes it simple and straightforward and the fact he was a successful broker himself gives him great credibility. He is very impressive and I consider him a good friend too.

Tim Bush

Bank of the West

The message was spot on and very well received and that includes new wholesalers and those seasoned veterans.  Your insights and suggestions were practical in nature and transferable.  The analytical tools were great as well and we are discussing how the Regional VP’s can use them with their wholesalers.  Thanks again Michael.

Chris Rogers

AVP; LTC National Wholesaling Team; John Hancock

He gave a most inspiring closing keynote presentation called “Heroes”. I encourage you to check Michael out. I was most impressed how he really “personalized” the presentation and felt he was an expert within the credit union industry. His presentation really touched us all. He had such a powerful message that we were still talking about him on our five hour drive home. He is also a business consultant, author and coach. When you hire Michael Roby, your money will be well spent!

Amy Johnson

Mid-America Credit Union Association

Michael Roby served as a speaker for our employees at an all-day event and we put him in front with several topics and sessions. What impressed me the most was that he had done enough research on our company to be an advocate in front of our employees. He understood enough about our culture through his research that it was very easy for me to finish the day with my preplanned comments as if we had rehearsed the pitch in total. His presentations dovetailed so nicely into my thoughts that I was able to feed off of many of the things he presented.
His understanding and communication of team and individual achievement was exactly what our employees needed to hear from a third party. I believe in small group discussions and Mike did a good job at allowing employees to find some of their own solutions in small group settings. I have also seen some good progress in our team since that event and I am convinced Mike helped us get there.
Mike did a great job for us and I recommend him to others who are looking to develop their teams.

Roger Madison

President & CEO; Bremer Bank-Marshall

Mike is a great speaker that delivers actionable items to your business. I would recommend him to anyone.

Brad Connors

iWealth (Top 50 Bank Advisors)

Michael’s concepts represent a breath of fresh air with respect to sales strategy. By implementing his strategies I have increased my hit ratio to nearly 90% in 2009. Thanks Michael!

Ryan Brellenthin

Waypoint Advisors

Michael is much more than a terrific motivational speaker. The experience and actionable advice he brings to financial advisors improves their efficiency and effectiveness and certainly heightens the quality of a distribution company’s overall sales force.

Fred Nicholas

Principal; McKendry Snow Financial Distributors, LLC

Michael offers creative yet easy to implement strategies on how to improve your relationships with your clients and how to exceed your sales. Michael does his homework with every client and always exceeds expectations as a speaker.

Angela Cox-Weston

Midwest Speakers Bureau

You gotta love Mike Roby! Energetic, ideas ++, solving problems before they arise…and all around expert in his field! I served with Mike on a board and have partnered with him on ECCO International client work…can’t say more than that! He has great ability to flex, move people in his stories and examples and provide amazing niche marketing ideas!

Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., CSP

Principal, ECCO International

Michael knows his subject matter inside-out and is a consummate business professional in every way.

Yvon Douran

Keynote Resource Speakers Bureau

I’ve been in this great business for 21 years, and have heard many presenters throughout my career. I enjoyed yours because you have real field experience along with presenting your ideas in a workable fashion. Your ideas are not unreasonable to implement!

Keith Hennessey

Farm Bureau Insurance

Mike specializes in showing sales leaders at financial services firms of all sizes how to multiply their sales effectiveness by harnessing sound selling strategies built on trust and integrity, not gimmicks or manipulation. Mike instills a strategic mindset and sales skill sets that are far more powerful, meaningful, and lasting than the usual “sales training rehash.” He knows the industry from all sides of the business and has credibility from the instant he walks on stage or the moment you open his top-notch materials.

David Newman

Marketing Consultant

I have to say that I never expected to have these kinds of results this quickly—if I’d only realized how much of a difference you could make for us, not just in numbers but in how fast I could recover from near-burnout, I would have hired you years ago!

Cynthia Keithley CFP

iRetire Financial, Council Bluffs, IA

I made the decision to hire Mike as a business coach. It was the best decision I could have made. Mike’s process teaches a client-centric approach built on time-tested techniques. He has worked with me to build a solid approach to add value to the client advisor relationship. I’m helping clients and building my practice by working with people I truly enjoy. The past 6 weeks rank as one of the most successful periods of my career. With the tools Mike has presented to me, and I’ve been in the business for many years, only now do I believe in my success.

Brad Byers

Wings Federal Credit Union/CUNA

Mike was a guest speaker at a luncheon I recently attended. He not only provided me with great information to help me build my business, he’s offered ongoing support. I have listened to several speakers in the past but this is one that has really connected with me. I am trying to double my business in the next 18 months and with what he has offered I believe it will happen.

Ryan Barber

Edward Jones

Michael is much more than a terrific motivational speaker. The experience and actionable advice he brings to financial advisors improves their efficiency and effectiveness and certainly heightens the quality of a distribution company’s overall sales force.

Fred Nicholas

Managing Director, McKendrySnow Financial Distributors, LLC

Michael is much more than a terrific motivational speaker. The experience and actionable advice he brings to financial advisors improves their efficiency and effectiveness and certainly heightens the quality of a distribution company’s overall sales force.

Ryan Brellenthin

Waypoint Advisors

After 13 years of mediocre production, I took the initiative to find a personal coach, a mentor, an individual who completely and undeniably “gets it” when it comes to being a successful financial advisor. I’m about to complete the best month of my career. That’s dynamic results in all respects! Michael not only “gets it”, he’s perfected it, written the book, and shares it.

Janet Leleux

First Federal Bank/Cetera

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mike for the past two years. Mike has served as a coach and mentor for my business and I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a coach to help them with their financial business.

Gary Hayworth

First Bethany State Bank/ICA

Mike is one of the most respected resources in the Investment Advisory business. He was a great resource to my advisors and had instant credibility because he sat on their side of the desk as the owner of a successful investment management shop. Mike brings humor and years of experience to his consulting clients.

Nathan Brammer

Ames Community Bank/ICA

Mike Roby’s thorough knowledge of how to grow a financial advisor’s practice is impeccable. Whether wholesale or retail, Mike is the right choice for the professional who is looking to get to the next step in their financial services career.

Rich Faatz

Lightstone Securities

There have been few people that have taught me as much as Mike. He has a unique ability to help you understand why you are where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to be. He is serious about success for everyone he helps. I consider him not only a valuable training and coaching resource but also a mentor. Hiring Mike is like saying “yes, I choose to be more successful”.

Matthew Slyter

Tax Sheltered Compensation

Mike is an excellent communicator and provides great ideas to grow your business and motivate others. He’s helped our office improve our processes every time we talk!

Cynthia Keithley, CFP

Retire Financial Services

Mike Roby knows how to motivate people, build relationships and build sales. If you’re looking for someone to help you take your company or your sales team to the next level, you should talk to Michael Roby. His innate ability to use stories to shed light and inspiration on life and business challenges are valuable assets to executive and sales teams.

Cindy Leines

Owner, C.E.L. Public Relations

Mike delivers actionable items to your business. I would recommend him to anyone.

Brad Connors, CWS


Mike is one of the most giving people I have met in my professional career. When it comes to industry knowledge, coaching talents and presentation skills you will be hard pressed to find anyone better. With Mike’s diverse background, he can offer advice from many different perspectives and will always make himself available to help. Whether you are new to the business or a veteran, Mike is a talent worth seeking in improving your own business.

Dan Wice


I have known Mike Roby for over 12 years, as my wholesaler to a business consultant. I have found him a knowledgeable professional with a wealth of personal business experience, which was an asset when I was dealing with staff motivation and bottom line volume issue. I strongly recommend his team to any organization that is looking to improve results.

Hugo Ernst, CLU

President & CEO, INTRUST Brokerage

I was most impressed with how Michael researched our organization and had great knowledge of the credit union industry.  He took a powerful message and personalized it to our audience.  His keynote “Heroes” touched everyone in the room and left us with a smile. Hire Michael Roby for your next conference.  He will definitely make your next event a success.

Amy Jo Johnson

Education Coordinator, Mid-America Credit Union Association

Some of you may remember Michael Roby… he is a speaker, coach, and strategic marketing consultant. He is an unbelievable speaker.  The guy can really fire people up.

Michael D. Cole

Vice President-Investments / Financial Advisor, UBS Financial Services Inc.