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It’s been a long hike. You’ve been in a boulderfield for hours. No trail, just rock, and the incline is steep. Above 12,000 feet the air is thin, and you are tired, but you think you see the summit. A cairn up ahead marks what appears to be the summit. But as you get closer, you see something above the cairn, and then you know.

The cairn is just a milestone. It’s at a false summit.

Because we didn’t know exactly where we are, we feel discouraged. It pays to have a really good map and to use it. If the route is treacherous, a guide makes sense as well.

Your Business Plan is your map. Too many of us don’t even do a business plan! We start up the hill without a plan. No milestones, no timetable, no contingencies. In some cases we actually do a business plan, then file it in a dark folder, never to be seen again.

As we enter Q4, get out your plan and see where you are right now. If you have not looked at it since January, don’t be discouraged if you are behind plan. Adjust it and attack. If you are ahead of plan, then climb higher!

Know where you are going, and know where you are on the trail! Then seek the top. You were meant to stand on the summit!

Work Hard & Have Fun!™