Financial Services, Speaker and Coach

“National Sales Meeting Season” is upon us! Do you get the maximum benefit from national and regional sales meetings? Follow these five simple steps to get the most value from the time you invest attending sales conferences.

  1. Set Objectives. What do you need to grow your business this year? How can you deliver even better client service? What efficiencies can you put in place to allow you and your team to work smarter? Asking these questions and setting objectives for sales meetings provides the framework for making these meetings profitable.
  2. Review The Agenda. What sessions promise the most for you? What speakers do you want to make certain to hear? Research the speakers to find out about their experience and areas of expertise. Look at the list of sponsors to identify product partners and vendors with whom you would like to visit. Make the best use of the exhibit hall for new learning and service opportunities.
  3. Network. Meet people that can help you achieve your business objectives. Look for new attendees, and welcome them. Who knows; they might be able to help you as well! Connect with home office leadership and support staff to build relationships, create liaisons, and advocates for opportunity development and problem solving.
  4. Plan Individual Meetings. Schedule breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and coffees in advance with individuals that can assist you as you work toward building your business.
  5. Have Fun. Sales meetings often include entertainment, excursion, and adventure opportunities. Take advantage of these, for you can mix business with pleasure!

Good selling!