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Barbershop Wisdom: Self-Discipline

This morning I went to the barbershop in for my weekly haircut. Over the last four years, my barber Matt and I have organically grown a relationship which transcends that of customer-vendor. While we aren’t pals, since 2013 we have spent upwards of 50 hours discussing family, friendship, football, faith, and business. Matt develops deep […]

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Honor versus Privilege

Words have meaning. In a world of text messaging, social media posts, and emoji’s we misuse words to the point of confusing others about what we mean. It’s not uncommon to hear a common phrase when people accept an award, or when they are introduced as a performer, speaker, or host. This opening line is […]

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Pick One Pricing

Businesses hear some variation of this question many times daily: “What’s it cost?” First, any discussion of fees in advance of a conversation about value identifies you as a commodity. A good answer to steer the conversation begins with: “It depends…” When offering professional services, make certain you have a clear value offering. Take at […]

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