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It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand circumstances, feelings, and perspectives of life as seen through the eyes of another person. Experience is a great teacher, but you take the test before you are given the lesson. However, we accelerate our learning and our perspective when we learn from the experiences of others.

My father died when I was 34, and he was an only child. My mother died when I was 40, but she had an older sister, my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat is a link to my mother and my father, and the family who came before me. Witty, sharp, well educated with amazing life experiences, I love her dearly. I have learned much from her perspectives over the last 60-plus years.

For the record, all of us can learn from Aunt Pat.

In the last year, she has started a blog called “Life After 90.” Well-written and insightful, she shares her perspective on this season of her life in her tenth decade. She writes of joys, regrets, and moments captured and savored, as well as regrets and opportunities lost. CLICK HERE to look at a recent post that will touch your soul.

As I approach my 64th birthday this week, her writing is especially meaningful to me. I believe strongly that there is a distinct possibility it would be meaningful to you, as well, as you continue to shape your perspective of life.

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