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Sales Managers: To Push or Not To Push

Sales managers sometime hesitate to push their teams because…THEY DON’T WANT TO BE PUSHY! Sometimes salespeople do not need to be pushed, but many time we don’t have high enough expectations. People underachieve because we allow it or, worse yet, expect it. Read this if YOU are a sales manager who doesn’t want to set […]

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Pick One Pricing

Businesses hear some variation of this question many times daily: “What’s it cost?” First, any discussion of fees in advance of a conversation about value identifies you as a commodity. A good answer to steer the conversation begins with: “It depends…” When offering professional services, make certain you have a clear value offering. Take at […]

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The Robo’s Are Coming! The Robo’s Are Coming!

Ask yourself one simple question: Why are my services better than a Robo Advisor? Fidelity is launching a system designed for first-time investors between ages 25 and 45 in mind that recommends investments based upon the investor answering SIX QUESTIONS for less than 40 basis points. Vanguard’s platform is targeted to the advisor sweet-spot of […]

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