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NFL training camps In a month, and the season doesn’t start until September 6th. And these are professionals! They know how to play the the game, but they prepare for the season all year long, and it gets serious NOW. Likewise, you begin your third trimester of 2018. The time to prepare for a big finish is NOW. Take a minute to answer the following questions:

  • Are you above or below the YTD numbers for your main goals for the year?
  • Have you been following your 2018 Business Plan?
  • Do you review it often?

Regardless of your current standing it’s not too late to close strong for 2018. First, you must choose to finish strong. Second, be clear about why you want to hit your numbers and exactly where you want to be year end. If you are clear about the Why, you can figure out the How. Third, determine exactly where you stand going into the third trimester of the year. Fourth, determine the activities in which you need to engage daily and weekly to make those things happen. Fifth, keep score daily, weekly, and monthly of your activities, and see your desired results happen!

Work Smart, Work Hard, & Have Fun!™