Financial Services, Speaker and Coach

Imagine doing something you love more than anything. Imagine the feeling of exhilaration. Maybe it’s looking down from a mountaintop. Possibly crossing a body of water with a full sail and no land in sight. Maybe in a boat on a Canadian Lake;1,000,000 acres and 14,000 islands, and you are totally alone.

When it comes to your business, do you get that adrenaline rush that comes with serving others AND doing well for yourself at the same time? Do you work on purpose? Do your clients call, email, or text you with messages of gratitude? I received this text message yesterday:

“Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do for me and my practice.”

Less than 15 words. Once again, I have been affirmed as bringing value. I am making a difference. I live better than many people. I am blessed. It makes me want to do it over and over and over. So I gotta go. It’s time to make a couple more calls. Send a few more emails. Someone needs me out there.

But if you have a moment, watch the following video. Pure joy. Excitement. Passion. Life is too short to live without these things. Live and work with passion and joy. Bring value. 

Work Hard & Have Fun!™