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Our survival instincts are not designed to advance beyond out physiological needs. It is only by being truly human we move to love, esteem, and self-actualization.

Our DNA makes it hard to do the little things which would improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

What is it that makes us more than mere animals? That gives us the power to dream? To take risk and do more that just subsist? Our instincts keep us in survival mode, always watching for danger.

Psychologists Thomas Gilovich and Kenneth Savitsky described something they called “The Spotlight Effect”, a phenomenon where people feel they are noticed more than they are actually. It magnifies risk in our brains, and can influence people to choose to retreat into silence & hesitation. These micro-moments of decision result in our not stepping up to challenges and opportunities. We allow fear to affect our decisions. Setbacks exacerbate the fear, and overwhelm and doubt set in. Paralyzed in some sense by this irrational fear, we fail to reach our potential because we are afraid to fail.

How do we go from what we know is truth toward action about the truth and in the truth? If we know what to do, and really want to do what we need to do, and use our instinctive way of problem solving to do what we can do and want to do and need to do, we move toward a better reality.

Everything comes down to your choices. Don’t allow the world to make decisions for you. Choose to act. Decide.

The secret? Move. Act. Do what you want to do based upon what you know the way you strive instinctively. Do it. Do it now.